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about us

Located in the beautiful hills and forest of Nashville Indiana, Forth Dimension Holographics is a small holography company, founded by Rob Taylor, which remains committed to the art and science of true display holography. Today, we continue as a member of the GEOLA Group, representing their industry leading commercial pulsed lasers and hologram recording equipment.

Our holograms are displayed all over the world. We are very proud to have true holography represented, and our holograms on view in over 40 Museum of Illusions locations in 30 different countries where potentially thousands of people take wonder and enjoy them each day.

But primarily,  we are one of the very few active commercial pulsed laser holography studios operating in the world today, where we continue to produce holograms for artists and commercial display. In addition, Rob still carries out the craft so close to his heart, commissioned pulsed portraiture, which he has been practicing for the last 23 years for the select few wishing to have the most ultra-realistic and perfect representation of a loved one available today.

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