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Our studio & lab is unique even within the holography community. We are capable of true holographic recording of living and organic subjects, as well as static 3D objects. Occasionally, we allow scientists, artists, and students to complete projects at our facilities. Our studio can be rented with technician support for individual works, which includes providing a hologram mastering service for holographers needing pulsed H1's to use back in their continuous wave labs. We encourage new interest in the medium and can provide workshops & educational courses in pulsed holography for small groups of interested parties.



Laser specifications:

*  GEOLA HS2 pulsed laser system

*  2 Joule SLM Nd:YLF/Glass pulsed laser

*  Wavelength- 526.5 nm

*  Pulse duration- ~35 ns

*  Beam diameter- < 10mm

*  Beam profile- near diffraction limit

*  Coherence length- > 10 meters



Lab capabilities:

*  H1 scene volume up to 3 square meters 

*  Pulsed H1 masters up to 45x 65 cm

*  H2 monochromatic reflection up to 45x65 cm

*  Benton rainbow holograms

*  White light transmission holograms

*  Multi-channeling

*  Pseudo color & color tuning

*  HoloCam digital hologram camera rail system



Holographic recording materials in stock:

*  Agfa 8E56 film & plates

*  Project X- film & plates

*  Fuji FL - film & plates

*  Ultimate U25- film & plates

*  Limited supply of discontinued plates




In addition, we provide a complete 3D CGI design service and image capture using our GEOLA portable HoloCam rail system for the printing of custom full color digital holograms including our line of iLumogram holograms.

If you are interested in starting your own pulsed holography lab, please visit our technology site -

contact us.

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