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Our stock image art and display holograms are seen and enjoyed in galleries, museums, public venues,and private collections around the world. Each glass white-light reflection hologram is individually done by hand, finished archivally, and comes ready for framing. All of our holograms are of live subjects and/or real subject matter recorded actual size in our studio using our pulsed holography camera system. Reconstruction of each 3D image is achieved with illumination from a LED or halogen point light source mounted above and in front of the hologram such as is found in modern track or wall mounted lighting fixtures. 

stock art & display holograms

limited edition art color holograms

*Please note it is impossible to show the true three dimensional representation of our custom

holographic images with any current photographic or digital techniques. Aspects such as

extreme resolution, true horizontal & vertical parallax, extended projection and scene depth into

viewing environment, etc., are impossible to show on a computer monitor or any other media.

These 2D images of actual holograms are for representational purposes only.

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