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commissioned pulsed

hologram portraiture

Over the last two decades,  Rob Taylor has provided clients with the most unique, ultra-realistic, and awe-inspiring portraiture available anywhere. Our pulsed hologram portraits combine the magic of analog holography with human form, resulting in the most accurate and detailed 3D representation of a loved one imaginable. Captured with a single burst of pure laser light, these images are a tribute to their subjects, recording an ultimate detail of their likeness in time to be cherished forever.

Commissioned sittings at our studio in Nashville Indiana begin at $1,500 and are based on hologram size and number of subjects. Prices include 2-3 master transmission hologram proofs, and one glass white light reflection hologram. Final holograms are monochromatically color-tuned, sealed and finished, with optional framing and lighting display units available.

Nashville is a charming and quaint small town community located in the heart of the Hoosier National Forest, approximately one hour south of Indianapolis Indiana. We offer client’s airport service and can arrange for accommodations and scenic tours during your stay.


We are now booking appointments for this one of a kind and very exclusive form of portraiture.




*Please note it is impossible to show the true three dimensional representation of our custom

holographic images with any current photographic or digital techniques. Aspects such as

extreme resolution, true horizontal & vertical parallax, extended projection and scene depth into

viewing environment, etc., are impossible to show on a computer monitor or other 2D surface.

These 2D images of actual holograms are for representational purposes only.

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